God is good, y'all

when your plan is so small, and God's plan blows you out of the water... that's where I am in life.

at this point in the blog, everyone reading it knows me. basically because we're friends on facebook and/or instagram... or in real life. (those actually do exist!!)

all of you know my story of moving back to my hometown to open a shop. it was my dream... to be my own boss. to curate a collection of products for people to love. to be a shop girl. to wear jeans or shorts or dresses or tshirts any time I wanted. to be active in the community + engaged with people every day.

when I opened Heritage Mercantile, I was 31 years old + single. I was living in my parent's garage apartment. I had moved home under less-than-ideal circumstances, but I knew, however hard it was at the time, home is where I needed to be.

my plan was to open Heritage, run it for 5 years, hire a manager + then move somewhere to open another Heritage in another town. the driving force behind this plan was the thought I would be single during this time. it's funny how God works... I lived in Austin... "the best city for singles" and found the love of my life in the town I called home.

so a husband, a baby, a tshirt line, graphic design gigs, LOTS of trial + error, TONS of prayer, tears + absolute joy has brought me to today. my life as I know it, was definitely not in the realm of possibility when I opened Heritage Mercantile in 2012. PRAISE GOD for His Sovereign plan.

I wanted to put all this out there, because I have decided to close the doors to Heritage Mercantile.

it's been on my heart for some time. we've been praying about it all along. actually, my prayer over the last 4 years has been to be silent with my own desires so I can hear Him more clearly. I have thought numerous times, "could this be it?" and then it wasn't. EVERY SINGLE TIME I doubted anything, God provided a way. He has ALWAYS provided... to the point that I can not, for any reason, take credit for the success of my shop. so when I began feeling like this could be it, I got real quiet... and I've been waiting.

my entire life, I've wanted to be a wife and a momma. He has blessed me beyond measure in that category... and I don't want to take it for granted. I have a full time job that I truly love... that I feel gives me what I've been missing over the last 4 years. I have my creative outlet in graphic design and now this blog. and the shop has just been pushed toward the back. I've started distancing and disconnecting without intending to... and that's when I realized that it's time. It's just time. before it becomes a burden I don't want to bare. before I start regretting or resenting the shop. and honestly, before I do something really dumb... it's just time. I know it in my heart, now... and I feel such a tremendous peace about it.

my customers mean the WORLD to me. y'all watched me grow that shop. y'all watched me make decisions that probably weren't the best at times, and still stuck with me. y'all watched me get married + have a baby... and you celebrated alongside me. y'all have supported a small business in such a HUGE + gracious way. y'all watched me step away to take a job at the hospital + you still kept supporting me. I hate it more than anything to take this shop away from our lovely town, but it's the best decision for me + my family. and thankfully, there are now so many adorable shops in our town that I don't feel like I'm leaving too big of a hole in the market.

I am not totally going away... I'll continue carrying a few lines in a booth at another shop downtown... and I'll be making more tshirts now... so that will be fun to debut! I also have this blog... and I'm so so eager to see how the Lord uses it to generate a new community!

so now to the other questions I'm going to get... how + when?

how: starting today, the whole shop is 50% off (with the exception of Jon Hart). we have taken the products out that we intend to carry in a booth (except Jon Hart, because we're going to keep it!). we'll sell off all of the tables, shelves and displays... but that won't start until a few weeks. we will do that until it's all gone.

when: our goal is to be closed up by Friday, February 17th... if not before. basically we will go until there's nothing left to sell. and I'm pretty sure a big party is gonna go down before it's all over.

again, I can't express how much I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to be a small part of this community. I will treasure this time for always. God is good y'all.

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